Beta of Netduino Deploy for Windows and Mac!

Greetings! We’re excited to announce the beta release of Netduino Deploy for Windows and Mac.

The latest release, v2.0.3-beta, is available on the Downloads page under “Firmware Updater and Configuration Tool”.

Known Issues:

  • Plug/Unplug Notifications still don’t work - Your device has to be in DFU bootloader mode (hold down button and plug in to USB), before the app launches. It doesn’t properly detect plugging in and unplugging.
  • Bootloader driver update for WinUSB is required.

Please let us know if you run into any other issues.


For Windows users: here’s the guide to install WinUSB as the bootloader driver (required for NetduinoDeploy)


I was not able to completely use the Beta to upgrade the firmware - I experienced a crash when selecting the Choose button for the firmware section. Regardless of Running as Administrator.

I did however get the firmware installed the old way and am using it now.

I’m seeing the same thing on my Windows 10 machine with the new version.

On Windows 10, to load WinUSB, Zagig does not see the Netduino. I have followed the instructions closely.
Anybody had any luck?

When I plug the Netduino 3 WiFi into a Windows 10 computer then zadig does not recognise the board immediately.

Leaving the board plugged in, I went to the Options menu and selected the List All Devices options and the Netduino turned up in the drop down box.

I then picked up a device I was using yesterday to try and reproduce a problem and this would not show up even using the List All Devices method. The difference between the two boards, one had firmware already installed on it (the one that showed up) and the other had recently been fully erased using ST tools to performa full chip erase.


Thanks, the List All Devices was what I needs. Much appreciated.

I successfully loaded the WinUSB driver for the ST device and got Deploy to work. I then upgraded the firmware to the latest.

BUT…unfortunately, during the process I lost concentration and also overwrote the Netduino USB driver by loading WinUSB to it!!!

Now Visual Studio cannot detect the Netduino anymore. I notice the Win10 Device Manager shows the Netduino under Universal Serial Bus devices, and not under Universal Serial Bus controllers anymore. Uninstalling Netduino SDK and re-installing does not correct the driver.

So, I’m at a loss. How can I get the correct USB driver installed again? At least I think the problem lies with the driver, not the firmware update.

Any suggestions please.

I finally solved the driver problem by uninstalling the current incorrect driver, rebooting, re-installing SDK, uninstalling incorrect driver again ( a few times). At some point some magic happens and the correct one finally installed. All is back to normal.

I am actually trying to install the latest Beta firmware using Deploy (2.0.3 beta) , but each time I click Choose (because I have the code on my machine), Deploy crashes.

Anyone maybe knows how to solve this problem?


Using this program bricked my Netduino 3 WIFI!

I will not use it again on any of my other boards!