Visual Studio 2017 and the earlier ones

Over the past several days I’ve been having an interesting discussion with a rather rancorous series of releases of Visual Studio. It seems that VS2013 is out. It won’t even want to do anything. VS2015 is not even really supported, Microsoft wants us to move to either the series of releases of 2017 or even the one from this year. I was almost able to rebuild one of my favorite, ones that are written to twiddle the inputs of a logic block, a PAL16L8 as it happens, I say almost because it was not connected to a chip so all I know is that it built correctly and was deployed correctly. The stuff used for this came from information shown in this forum on the subjects of VS2017. It described a blog who’s author sat down and wrote an installer who would install the features to VS2017 that we see when VS2015 works. Both the VSIX object and the Dot-Net Mini executable who creates the DLLs it would need to apply things to the device. Someone back there is asking about the point, well the point is that anyone who wants to try VS2017 the steps to make it work are indeed in both this forum, and the blog described, someplace. And as it happens I found the tools described in this thread: Beginner’s Guide to Netduino Setup for VS2017 and then directly downloaded from this site who needs work .NET Micro Framework ideally the second is not a good fit, until someone from Microsoft wakes up and actively supports us, but it is a start.

Gregg C Levine

And now it refuses to work. There must be something I am missing here.