Beginner's Guide to Netduino Setup for VS2017

I purchased the netduino 3 wifi and i have vs2017. I have not been able to find out how to set it all up and I really want to. Could someone please help me by writing a very simple step by step guide to it all for vs 2017. Thank you

VS2017 support is currently being worked on. At the moment you should try VS2013, VS2015 or VS Mac.


Any stauts on how far the progress is on VS2017? :slight_smile:

I really wanted to play with one of my good old NetDuino 2+ board, unfortunately I have installed VS 2017 on all my system. Is VS 2017 support coming soon or is it better to switch to .Net Core and go bake a Pi?

Well, I figured that installing VS2015 for now would help me out but; can’t download VS2015 anymore.
As mentioned in other posts, support for VS Code would be good as well.

VS2017 and NETMF 4.4 are being worked on.

VS2015 is still available for download from Microsoft.


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(hmm OK this forum doesn’t show reply-threading… AH-HA figured out how to quote… this is better… .

^^^ This describes me 100%. Thought I’d fire up my old mothballed project but disappointed to find this…

I don’t want to suffer with multiple VS versions on the computer etc. etc. BTDT, and its a hassle.

Any chance we can get better than a ‘being worked on’? Like a target date?

big step forward :

only down side i found is that you need to use netmf 4.3 as an target (no 4.4 yet)

any updates on 4.4 firmware for Netduino?