Unable to launch NetduinoDeploy on Mac, device partially bricked

The Mac app opens and immediately closes. I see this in the Console.app

Unhandled Exception:
System.Exception: Error with DFU_UPLOAD: -9
  at DfuSharp.DfuDevice.Download (System.Byte[] block, System.Int32 address, System.Int32 altSetting) [0x0006f] in <17a7b2f3e63a4364b12a9f8ea29a1297>:0 
  at NetduinoDeploy.Managers.NetworkManager.InitializeConfigData () [0x000e9] in <17a7b2f3e63a4364b12a9f8ea29a1297>:0 
  at NetduinoDeploy.Managers.NetworkManager.FindConfig (System.String configName) [0x0000a] in <17a7b2f3e63a4364b12a9f8ea29a1297>:0 
  at NetduinoDeploy.Managers.MFNetworkConfiguration.Load (NetduinoDeploy.Managers.NetworkManager manager) [0x00000] in <17a7b2f3e63a4364b12a9f8ea29a1297>:0 
  at NetduinoDeploy.ViewController.ReadNetworkSettingsFromDevice () [0x00006] in <17a7b2f3e63a4364b12a9f8ea29a1297>:0 
  at NetduinoDeploy.ViewController.LoadNetworkSettings (System.Boolean skipReadFromDevice) [0x00003] in <17a7b2f3e63a4364b12a9f8ea29a1297>:0 
  at NetduinoDeploy.ViewController.LoadForm () [0x0014f] in <17a7b2f3e63a4364b12a9f8ea29a1297>:0 
  at NetduinoDeploy.ViewCont<…>

I was able to previously launch it, but I noticed that my network settings were no longer working so I tried to re-install the firmware too. That failed with a similar -9 code. When I clicked the “Save Settings” at the top of the app, it crashed and now it no longer opens. Any tips? I can’t do anything with the board at the moment.

Is there anything I can do to “factory reset” this? I found some old forums posts from 2015 but I want to get updated information if applicable. If I have to re-flash this, that would be fine.

I was able to resolve this using Windows and the flashing directions linked in this post.

So far, so good. :slight_smile: