MFDEPLOY does not recognize Netduino Plus 2 board

I had to reinstall VS 2013 and .NET MF sdk and netduino install, etc. Now MFDeploy does not find/recognize the Netduino USB driver at all. This has been finicky in the past but now seems completely broken. Any advice? Thanks. Mike

I have had this happen if you re-flash the firmware it will probably solve your issue it has worked for me.

Here is how:

My concern is that this might make it worse? The Netduino was working fine before I had to reinstall VS 2013. I don’t understand why a reflash of the board firmware would fix this problem?

STM DFU tool also does not work. The tool cannot find (or does not recognize) that a STM DFU device is present. Essentially the tool cannot see the board. That is the fundamental problem. The USB driver for this board is either not installed or not working properly.

If the board is in “Boot mode” Step 1 and If the STM DFU tester can’t see it then my solution won’t work.

The tester should look like this if the device is in boot mode. I am sure your device must have a hardware issue?

Mike, did you put the board in DFU mode by unplugging it, holding down the onboard button, plugging it back in, and releasing the button?

Well, this is embarrassing. The USB cable that I’ve been using all these weeks developed an open pin on the data line. The cable still powered the Netduino board, which is why I didn’t suspect it as the problem. With new cable, now all working okay. Sorry for the fuss. However, thank you all for your responses.

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Wow that is a hard fix to find glad you got it fixed!

heh, you’re not the first one to have that issue. another one that gets folks sometimes is that DFU updates from an unpowered USB hub are temperamental, usually kind of working.

I need to create a troubleshooting page that calls those things out; bad cables, unpowered hubs, etc.

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Bryan, if you ever do that troubleshooting page, please, explain the USBcable issue. I get that some cables can power, but not transfer data, either because the data lines are broken or the darn cable was built to only power or charge in the first place. But is there a possibility that a faulty cable appears to work? It can succeed in making the Netduino recognisable for the computer, it can transfer parts of the data and then refuses to send something else?

Johan, good call. I filed the issue here