Developing on linux using Monodevelop

I have recently purchased a Netduino 3 Ethernet to have a play with, I enjoy writing C# code because it is generally quick to get good results and the is easy to keep neat. The board looks like it has some really nice features.

My only draw back at the moment is how do I install code created on Monodevelop onto the boad. As far as I can tell monodevelop will generate the code with no problem, I have installed the Micro Framework and Wilderness labs libraries using Nuget with no problem.

My downfall so far is that I cannot find a working version of MFDeploy for Linux. I did download a MFDeploy-Mono project but it does not compile throwing up errors regarding Microsoft.SPOT.Debugger not existing. Has anyone here had success in getting it to work?

I did find on the old forum a post about a Linux version of MFDeploy but the code it links to no longer exists, is this around and does anyone here develop Netduino code on a Linux platform? If it does not exist what options do I have for downloading code?

Supposedly the MicroFramework add in will install and work, but you have to do this.

I have not tested it. But @Jeremie_Laval has it working.

Thanks, I now have the board come up in /dev however I am still unsure of the download process to the netduino. Mono Develop does not appear to have any tool to deploy. Or can I copy the compiled .exe and dlls to an SD card and run off it. I do also have an ST-Link-V2 so believe I can reflash the STM32

Have you installed the plug in?

Yes I have installed MicroFramework V1.0.3 plug-in into MonoDevelop 7.3.3 (build 5). I have the option when creating a new solution to create a MicroFramework Console Application or MicroFramework Library. I can include the Microsoft.SPOT and SecretLabs.NETMF references into my MicroFramework project, and I can compile and create .dll and .exe file but just don’t see any options to deploy.

can you paste a screen shot of the monodevelop toolboar, please?

Actually looking in the project even though I have selected microframework it is defaulting to building to a x86 platform, whereas from images I have seen I should be able to select Netduino. I can only select x86.

I am guessing that by installing the MicroFramework it should have added the Netduino platform? Or do I need to do something else?