Actual Peripherals Models

When looking at the foundation website docs, it is possible to see the drivers abd some kind of versions. Instead of that, I would like to get a list of actual devices, in my case e-ink displays that were connected and tested to work with Meadow. Something that works on Pi or Arduino, and having driver “support” does not guarantee that it will even have the proper pins and connectors to work with Meadow.

Is there a list of verified models of e-ink displays that will work with Meadow?

There are several supported e-ink displays, both “raw” models and ones wrapped in the Waveshare configurations, listed in the Meadow.Foundation peripherals library.

Here’s the ePaper section of the peripheral driver list (below that is the Waveshare section).

If you have a display in mind and know the model number, you can look it up in those sections.

And if it helps, some of those displays have additional sample code that can get you started. For example, the IL0373 and Waveshare Epd5in65f models have code sample sections. And the other known supported e-ink displays probably use very similar code. So you may be able to get working with those quickly as well.

I got the 2.13 250x122 e-ink display this time

And there is actually a wiring diagram for a very similar display but different size:

I got it connected but still cannot make it work. I will post a question about it in a different thread.