Wilderness Labs Needs its own IDE

Has any thought gone into Wilderness labs actually developing their own Web or PC based IDE to program the Netduino like Arduino or Particle ? I think this would increase your sales and usability immensely …Using a Microsoft product like Visual studio strangles the creativity of the device …Just my opinion

What specifically about having a custom IDE do you feel would add value?

Just thinking that if you migrated away from C# and to C++ like Arduino and Particle made the programming cross compatible …You have a definite winner …Sketches would work better be easier to use 90% of people buying and using Arduino wouldn’t have to learn a new language to use your hardware which is better and is definitely rich with capability …just a bitch to Program if your not a c# programmer

The arduino ide is just a joke for software engineering though. Visual studio is one of the major reasons I like netduino so much! Real debugging, intellisense and an actual project instead of a bunch of files opened in a tab.
The arduino ide is just a glorified text editor with compiler. There’s a reason atmel switched from their own made ide to a visual studio based one.

I haven’t tried the new netduino foundation library yet so I don’t know how that works with displays, but I’ve build a full MVVM pattern for my display, which then becomes an ease to work with and leaves crappy spaghetti code behind. I’m even thinking in making a small lightweight dependency injection library, making the software completely testable.

Also, c++ vs c# differences aren’t that big, it types pretty much the same way. What do you think is the biggest hurdle in learning c#?
In the end I’d be fine with both, except that I think .Net has some advantages.

That is a very good point …Your key word being software engineer …I’m not a software engineer …I’m a hardware engineer …So software is something I am learning and and getting a handle on …I’m thinking numbers though there are probably 2-3 million makers out there that use Arduino and Particles … that don’t know C# …There aren’t many differences but to make a cross compatable IDE that isn’t a joke that uses full capability of this device would be a huge benefit to Wilderness Labs …I also know a lot of people want to stay away from Microsoft and their products…

I think you’re going to have to embrace the software side of things. Since this product is so Microsoft oriented, it makes perfect sense that the tools are Microsoft tools to develop and program in. Also, you’re comparing an enterprise class, free, decades-old platform like visual studio against a notepad/batch file tool like the Arduino ide. Add to that there fact that building an ide is no small feat. Personally, I enjoy using Microsoft tools to code in.

good point …im figuring it out lol

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