WiFi connection when using wifi.config.yaml

When making use of meadow.config.yaml and wifi.config.yaml, it does not appear that wifi.config.yaml is being read. The WiFi never connects and if I try to print out the SSID or DefaultAccessPoint properties from Device.WiFiAdapter, they return no values. Based on the config files example app, it does not look like I need to explicitly call Device.WiFiAdapter.Connect() when the SSID and Password are provided via a config file, but if I do, how do I access the values from wifi.config.yaml to pass them into the method?

meadow.config.yaml is being read properly, and yes, I did confirm that wifi.config.yaml is being written to the board’s storage:

1>[8/16/2022 9:35:51 AM] Writing file: wifi.config.yaml
1>[8/16/2022 9:35:51 AM] Starting File Transfer...
1>[8/16/2022 9:35:51 AM] Meadow StdInfo: Download of 'wifi.config.yaml' success (checksums calculated:0x303F38EC, expected:0x303F38EC)
1>[8/16/2022 9:35:51 AM] Transfer Complete, wrote 58 bytes to Meadow

This feature has been disabled for the moment as it causes a problem with the OS. It is on the list of features to be reviewed.


Thanks for the prompt reply.

Where can one go to see features that have been disabled since the documentation makes no reference to it?

I want to avoid hard-coding any WiFi information in any classes, so is there a way to set environment variables during deployment, or is the best alternative to have my own config file as part of the project and just read it from the file system to get the SSID and password?

As far as I am aware this is the only feature we have added and then had to withdraw until it is fixed and let me assure you, we do intend to fix this issue. You can see the various progress of issues and fixes in the Release Notes pages of the Developer web site

At the moment the only option open to you would be to put this information into a text file and deploy it to the board. You can then use the .NET file IO API to retrieve this information.

The next release will also have an application config file and information in that file will be available to the application when it starts.