Which antenna to buy?

On my Meadow F7v2 there is an antenna connector mounted on the board.
Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with antenna standard and I didn’t find information about this connector in the documentation.
If I want to buy some simple antenna for connecting it to the board, what is the term or name I have to search for on e.g. Amazon or on my favourite electronic shop?

Not sure if this still needs an answer, but if you are talking about the WiFi antenna, then it looks like it is a standard one, similar to the ones that come in M.2 format in notebooks. If you search for IPEX 4 Internal Antenna on eBay, Amazon or AliExpress, you should be able to find some. They come in pairs, so you will need only one of them.


I have not tried one, I used home WiFi and it worked OK without an antenna, but it might be a good idea to extend the range with such an antenna.