Where is Netduino.IP?

After running into issues with my main project I’ve started over with a simple networking test based on the examples (after adding missing/undocumented references etc.!) but I cannot for the life of me get it to work on my N3E. I’m running the latest firmware ( but I keep running into errors like:

Assembly: NetduinoExtensions ( needs assembly 'Netduino.IP' (

which no amount of adding references etc. seems to fix. I thought that Netduino.IP is actually baked into the firmware (which is why I don’t see the error until deployment), and as mentioned I’ve updated the firmware (and made sure it was recognized as the Ethernet model and not a plain N3 which might omit that assembly). But I just can’t get anywhere with networking at all it seems. Any help would be massively appreciated - I’m a returning Netduino fan from the original/Plus days, but I’ve found reentry incredibly painful and could really use a hand - thanks!!! :heart:

PS, IDK if this is related, but every time I create a new project (VS 2015), I run into a weird issue where the targeted framework is the wrong version; it defaults to .NET 4.5.2 (there are no MF options in the dropdown) so I end up altering it in the project afterward and reloading the project w/ the correct 4.3 MF target and all seems well … I don’t recall this happening w/ the very first project I created … and maybe it’s “normal” or not a big deal, but I wanted to mention, just in case it’s relevant, given all the problems I’m having - thanks!

Answering my own question: neither NetduinoExtensions nor Netduino.IP were required to get Maple working in the end; see also:

Hopefully this helps someone else in future… :weary::rocket: