VS2019 hangs when debugging and application throws an exception

I have been trying to make some headway on getting my new Meadow F7 to talk to AWS (another topic). I have found that if I start debugging and for whatever reason an unhandled exception is thrown, that Visual studio will hung up. Clicking around in VS will make it display a task bar message stating it is currently busy. My only options is to kill VS with the Task Manager. I believe there is an exception handler within Meadow that takes it away from responding back to VS, so VS can go no further. The reason I know there is an exception is because if I just deploy my application, the output window in VS shows the error. Note that I just received the F7 a few days ago, so I have the newest of everything installed. Hopefully the exception can be returned to VS so that it can be displayed within VS.

It does seem you can use a try catch on things, but it would be nice to not have the debugger hang like it does if you don’t have that in place.