VS 2022 Meadow Project Template Errors

Trying Hello project but I am not clear how to use Meadow.Units.Voltage.

onboardLed = new RgbPwmLed(device: Device,
redPwmPin: Device.Pins.OnboardLedRed,
greenPwmPin: Device.Pins.OnboardLedGreen,
bluePwmPin: Device.Pins.OnboardLedBlue,
3.3f, 3.3f, 3.3f,

|Error|CS1503|Argument 5: cannot convert from ‘float’ to ‘Meadow.Units.Voltage’|MeadowApplication1|C:\Users\rpkes\Desktop\MeadowApplication1\MeadowApp.cs|33|Active|

Thanks for updating the Hello Meadow Template in VS2022! Also appreciate the code comment to set up the v2 board public class MeadowApp : App<F7FeatherV2, MeadowApp>

Works great now!