Visual Studio not finding the Meadow board

I posted this note originally in a thread I found from a search. Tomas started a thread last Feb regarding the same problem. I still have not made any progress so I thought maybe starting a new thread would attract some suggestions or hints of things to look for. Everything appeared to go smoothly when following the DevCamp2020 Getting Started. The original post from Tomas seemed to be stuck at the same point as I am. This is the post I made yesterday:

I am also stuck at this point on MacOS. I know nothing about Visual Studio. I seem to have the HelloMeadow app set up in VS. I see the usbmodem01 device and can connect to it using the ZOC terminal emulator. When I connect, I see this single line of output:

[SERIAL/DIRECT] CONNECTED TO PORT /dev/cu.usbmodem01 (115200-8N1)

Mono enabled, will run app.exe

I followed the DevCamp2020 Getting Started video and see where the Meadow serial number should appear in the box next to the word Debug. I have reset the board multiple times followed by closing and restarting Visual Studio. The box always shows Default.

I have no feel for how the “connection” should automatically happen and would guess that if one had multiple Meadow boards connected there should be a way to select the target, but have not found any menu that allows searching for a board.

I will continue to stumble around but am certain my lack of knowledge likely requires some assistance in order to get further.

Any suggestions will be welcome. I may end up trying to bring up an old Win10 machine to see if I can get it to work there, but if I am going to continue learning to work with Meadow, I will only want to work on my primary system which is a Mac Mini.



Hello @Chuck_Broadwell,

Looks like you’re def not alone having this issue. I have notified the team about this and we will investigate what’s going on in the extension, and hope we can get an update sorted with this deploy issues fixed.

Stay tuned!

Much appreciated Jorge.