Visual Studio Can't Resolve System.Net?

Hello All,

I just install Visual Studio, the .NET MicroFramework 4.3.2 QFE2 SDK and the VS NETMF plugin and I’m starting to create my Ethernet-based application using sockets on my Netduino 3 Ethernet. But, I’m running into an issue in Visual Studio where it’s complaining about not being able to find the System.Net or System.Net.Sockets modules. The screenshot below shows the issue I’m encountering.

When I installed all of the requisite packages, I didn’t encountered any errors, so I’m confident I installed everything correctly. But, I’m not sure where to start looking/debugging this problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions to point me in the right direction of a solution? Thanks in advanced!

-Donald Poole

Have you checked the references?


Thanks @Nevyn for your response. Checking my references was ended my problem. I thought I had already added System to my references. Thanks again!