Unable to update OS on gen 1 Meadow board

It has been quite some time since I last played with my MK 1 board so I thought I would dust it off and install the latest OS.
I updated Meadow.CLI

C:\Git\StepperDriverTest>dotnet tool update WildernessLabs.Meadow.CLI --global
Tool ‘wildernesslabs.meadow.cli’ was reinstalled with the latest stable version (version ‘0.19.4’).

But following the instructions I am supposed to type :

meadow install dfu-util

But I get: ‘meadow’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

What step have I missed?


Hi Andy, which version of Windows are you running this on?

@Dominique.Louis I am using Windows 10 x64.


Hi @meadow,
what shows up when you run dotnet tool list --global ?

Also @meadow do you have your environment path pointing to “tools”?

$env:Path += “;%USERPROFILE%.dotnet\tools”


So for some reason, .dotnet/tools was not in my Path environmental variable.
Now that I have put that path in, I get the following when entering dotnet tool list --global:

Package Id                     Version      Commands
dotnet-ef                      6.0.1        dotnet-ef
nanoff                         2.0.9        nanoff
wildernesslabs.meadow.cli      0.19.4       meadow

Seems to be working now - many thanks for your assistance :+1: