Unable to create "Meadow application" in Visual Studio 2019

I recently got my Meadow board and was excited to take it for a spin today.
I’ve got the OS flashed onto the board, and installed the Meadow extension into Visual Studio 2019 (Community).
Unfortunately when I try to create a new “Meadow Application” project, I get the message:

Operation could not be completed. The project file ‘C:\code\MeadowApplication3\MeadowApplication3\MeadowApplication3.csproj’ cannot be migrated. See the migration report for details.

… and there isn’t a migration report in that directory for me to look at.

Can you give me any suggestions as to how I can troubleshoot?

Thanks, Darren.

This seems to be an issue with your Visual Studio installation. Specifically, you might be missing the NET472 SDK packages resulting in this error.

You could validate you installation via your VS2019 Installer to ensure that you have “.NET desktop development” checked and under the installation details you have “.NET Framework 4.7.2 development tools” also checked.

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Thanks - I had .NET Framework 4.7.2 installed, but not .NET Desktop Development. Working now!