Troubleshooting F7v2 Boot Problem

I purchased the Meadow F7v2 Feather hack kit just prior to the holiday break. I started the setup process today, but I am running into issues that lead me to think the board is not operating properly.

I soldered on the headers and mounted the Feather and bread board and then started the process of flashing the OS.

When I first connected to the board via USB, the status light illuminated blue. I put the board in boot mode by holding down the BOOT button and then pressing the RST button. The LED went out.

The board does not register under Device Manager on my Win 11 machine, so I downloaded Zadig to go through the driver update process. However, the Feather board is not showing up in Zadig either.

I disconnected the board from USB and then reconnected it with no buttons pressed expecting that to reset and exit the boot mode but the LED did not turn back on.

Thinking that the USB port on my computer might not be providing enough power to run the board, I decided to connect the board to an external USB power brick. The LED still remained off but noted that board seemed much warmer than I would expect. I quickly checked the voltage reading between the 5V and GND headers which indicated 1.5VDC which I assume is some kind of hardware problem.

My first thought was a short related to the soldering the headers, but I can’t find any issues via visual inspection and a quick inspection with a meter did not find any shorts between neighboring header pins.

I’ve also tested the computer USB port and cables with other devices to rule out those issues.

At this point, I think the board is fried but perhaps it just in some loop that is utilizing a lot of power??

I need some recommendations on how to resolve this problem.