Translating a program from a Sketch into a C# (or even into VB)

I have a program that I copied from the Adafruit site for one of their devices. It will cause the thing to take a series of photos that are spaced several seconds apart. Oddly enough I did get it translated into Spin for the Prop and there the program works perfectly. It does or does not work as a Sketch.
Here’s the program as a sketch:

int trig = 0;
int led = 1;

void setup() {
// initialize the digital pins as output.
pinMode(led, OUTPUT);
pinMode(trig, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
digitalWrite(trig, HIGH);

// Hold HIGH and trigger quick (<250ms) LOW to take a photo. Holding LOW and trigger HIGH starts/stops video recording

void loop() {
digitalWrite(trig, LOW);
digitalWrite(led, LOW);


digitalWrite(trig, HIGH);
digitalWrite(led, HIGH);

//Delay between pictures


The strange thing is that running as a Spin program I could basically see the single LED connected to Pin1 blinking as the two LEDs on the cameraboard, for that’s what it is, also blinking.