Slow ADC sampling

I need to sample A0 hundreds of times a second.
I have simple code:

adc = Device.CreateAnalogInputPort( Device.Pins.A00 );
while ( true )
  var startacq = DateTime.Now.Ticks;
  var v = await adc.Read();
  var delta = DateTime.Now.Ticks - startacq;
  Console.WriteLine( $"delta={delta/10000} ms" );

This gives me a time of 237ms for the call to adc.Read();
I have confirmed this is the case with a logic analyser.

Why is the Read() function so slow?
Can it be speeded up?


The next release (RC-1) has Just-in-Time (JiT) compilation which has a magnitude or more speed up. We’re also talking about a way to re-jigger the AnalogInputPort to do continuous, fast-reads.


Thanks for the update - for industrial use, you definitely need the higher sampling rates.