Should I be able to build with a Target Framework higher than 2.1?

I thought with the install of the .NET5 framework that .NET 5 would be available as the Target Framework when creating a Meadow application. It seems that I only have support up through 2.1 showing. Can someone tell me if this is correct, or what I might have messed up when installing things against my VS2019 install?

hi @olnhausenchris

So for tooling (Meadow.CLI, VS Extension, etc), it requires .NET 5/6, but for building and deploying Meadow App projects, the board currently runs .NET Standard 2.1 apps.

Be sure you have the Xamarin Mobile component installed on your Visual Studio.

Are you having issues building/deploying?


Meadow uses .NET Standard 2.1 which is the modern way to use and consume cross platform .NET libraries. .NET Standard 2.1 is compatible with .NET 5 & 6. This gives Meadow a modern, up-to-date .NET API surface, compatibility with many modern .NET nuget packages, and the ability to code share across web, desktop, mobile and backend .NET projects.

.NET naming is a little confusing :slight_smile: