Servos not working in Coffee Maker Appliance Host example

Hello, I recently got my second Netduino which is a Wifi model. I had previously spent some time with a Console application and getting 6 PWM servos to rotate form 0 to 180 and back non stop. This all works.

After getting the Wifi setup and the Coffee Maker appliance Host app deployed I verified that I am getting an IP address. Next I copied and paste my demo code from the Console Solution into the ApplianceHost.
I then verified that I can walk into the code when I send a request to the web server like: I verified that the value is parsed correctly but when the servos angle is set I am NOT getting movement on the servo. If I go back to my Console demo app and run it I verify that my servos move.

I ask there something I am missing with the web server like a security setting to get the servos to work?

That’s really strange. Have you done any debug output to make sure that code is getting hit? I wouldn’t think that the web server would have anything to do with it.

By the way, we’re announcing a new web server tomorrow that is a lot better:

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Yes I debugged the ApplianceHost and even added a response with the initial values and new value. As you can see from the browsers response, I also added print statements that appeared in the Out window, below the Current_Position is the value when the command is recieved. Target_Position is the value past in after being parsed. Finally ringfinger_Position is the value after being assigned - like: servo1.Angle = newAngle; After thinking about this at work, I was going to add the Servo project and it is possible that I am seeing some odd behavior in the Servo class …?

To get the example below to appear I had to remove the first < on each line.
Example result of use:


That’s really strange, it has to be something simple someplace. Care to post the code for folks to review?

Here is the link which has both solutions in a zip …

I hate to cross post, but this is an exciting announcement. I instantly went looking for JSON support, only to then read, JSON is already supported! Superb!

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