Servo class not found

Sorry if this post is in the wrong place but I am trying to get a servo working and having some issues. The class Servo cannot be found and looking online there are older versions of a servo class that does not build right after adding all references.

I am looking for the Servo dll to reference - does anyone know where that is?


There are two places you can go t have a look for the Servo class:

Note that the Netduino Foundation library is currently work in progress but it is a public repository so you should be able to access it.


Thank you, I was looking in the SDK - the first link but missed the second. As well as the other stuff

I got my Netduino yesterday, jumped right into it but ran into back to back issues. I installed a fresh install of 2015, on another pc, used a second usb cable and got the onboard led blinking. So I’ll see how far i get today …

Hi, Brad. If you stil experimenting with some servos, here is a great alternative to the one you’ve used.
Have a look and share with me your expert opinion: Rosum servo drive