RS-485 communication basics

Good morning, everyone

Have you seen a successful RS-485 communication to your Netduino?
Which module/shield did you use?

The ones I’m considering:
Yourduino provided module
All seem to use the same chip though.

I think I read through all 485 posts in the old forum. Concluding it is not easy to get my Netduino 3 connected.
Any common pitfalls to avoid or basic steps to start from?

I found this I hope it is what you are looking for

Appreciate the blog post and nice work done there!
Unfortunately I can’t use ethernet-rs485 converter as my application needs ip network too.
Please update this post if you happen hear about a successful implementation of rs485 over Netduino io ports.

@Raido_Valgevali are you talking about just RS485 or more a protocol like Modbus over RS485?

If its just sending plain data via RS485 then it’s just as simple as wiring up the modules and sending UART commands.

I have a client that uses NETMF 4.4 and similar RS485 IC’s over hundreds of feet of cable.


Wow it looks easy unless I am missing something. Justin’s post made me curious so I did some research

Purchase this chip:

or use this breakout board

Now connect it like below (found picture by

Yes, I guess my conclusion reading the old forum - that it does not work - was just wrong.
Probably all of the components I linked in the original post would do just fine. Will try.
Thanks a ton!

@Raido_Valgevali - i would also recommend getting one of these - makes life a lot easier when testing.