PWM driver chip like the TLC5940

I was wondering has anyone used a PWM driver chip like the TLC5940?

I ask cause I am looking at ways to get more PWMs to control servos and am not sure how the I2C would be pasted on to 2+ boards. Is this possible? If so how?

Would I still create a Servo class? Or would I have to make a I2C_Servo class to handle sending the commands differently?

I am looking at the 2 boards but unsure if they are viable:


The PCA chip is one of those I’m hoping to get around to writing a driver for as I’ve seen it used in a couple of places.

I have used the TLC5940 in the past and there is some information on my personal blog:

I decided to generate the clock (GSCLK) and Blank signals independently of the Netduino but you could use PWM pins on the Netduino for this.

I think you would need to write your own Servo class as things stand at the moment as you would be generating the PWM signals externally. If you decide to go down this route then why not look at how we have put Netduino.Foundation together and consider contributing to the library. We’re always keen to accept pull requests from contributors.


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Thanks for the reply and links… I am looking them over right now.
I have never attempted to write a device driver and would have no idea were to start. Since it appears you have had experience doing this would you be interested in helping guide me?
Since I have not bought anything yet - I could get a board that you have and create a repo online. You game to train a padawan?

I would have to work on this in my spare time so it might take me a bit to do.

I’d be happy to help guide you.

I think this might also be a topic that would interest others as well. Would you be happy if we jointly wrote this up for the web site ?

If you would like to pursue this then direct message me your email address and we can kick things off.


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