Putting firmware for running Netduino stuff onto a related platform

Adafruit makes a series of boards in their feather format. Amongst them are several wearing processors that resemble the ones used on the N2 and N3 families of boards. (Also the N1 family as well.)
These are all shown here Feather/Boards
I’d gotten this idea when I realized that trying to program one of the boards shown there, a 32u4 that is it works the same as the Ard* from that line but is in the Feather format, and was constantly getting rubbish out. Essentially that one is loaded with the classic bootloader from that fraternity, it’s out. But the others a SAMD21 and one of the ST style boards are not. They are aimed at the CircuitPython crowd, but I’m convinced we can do better than that.

Gregg Doctor Who8

Group, is it because the Netduino style board has ridden off to the Sunset someplace, that everyone is not interested? Or is there another reason why not?