ProjectLab.Samples - Ambient Room Monitor

I’ve successfully built and deployed both Simon and AnalogClockFace, so I’m fairly sure I’ve accounted for all the basics.

When I attempt to deploy the AmbientRoomMonitor, I’m seeing an I2C communication exception, its message suggesting I make sure it has power and SCL is connected.

Googling led to the suggestion that pull-up resistors may be necessary, but it seems like that’d be accounted for in the Project Lab Board’s design. (I got lost trying to read the schematic) At any rate, I couldn’t find any documentation suggesting I’d need to physically modify the lab board in order to make use of its integrated sensors, but I’d appreciate any guidance someone may have…

Thank you!

hmm… still no luck, all signs point to a hardware issue for which there’s apparently no support :woman_shrugging: