Program gone after reboot


Just starting with Netduino (.net and VS) i have a beginners question.
(Netduino 3 Ethernet, Firmware:, VS Community for Mac 7.4.3 (build 10) )

When uploading a program it runs and i see debug output.
But when i reboot the board only the blue light turns on, the program does not execute and seems to be gone.

How would i make the program stick on the netduino so it starts whenever the netduino starts?

thanks for advice

You application should still be in the Netduino memory.

Try connecting the Netduino to your PC and run MFDeploy (on a Windows machine). Next set:

  • Transport mechanism (usually USB)
  • Select the board
  • Connect (from the File menu)

I think debug output goes through the MFDeploy so you should be able to see your application running.


no windows at hand… any other option doing this?

this is what i upload:

public static void Main()
        OutputPort led = new OutputPort(Pins.ONBOARD_LED, false);             
        while (true) 
            led.Write(true); // turn on the LED 
            Thread.Sleep(250); // sleep for 250ms 
            led.Write(false); // turn off the LED 
            Thread.Sleep(250); // sleep for 250ms 

after uploading (Debug) i see the led blink. all good, debugger is attached.
stopping the progam in the ide detaches the debugger, blinking continues.

i unplug the board and plug it in again: no blinking…

Plug it into a USB power adapter and see if it runs.

I think that there is a thing with the driver in that the behavior is to go into some waiting for debug mode thing when you plug it into a computer.

thanks for pointing this out!

plugging it into a usb powersupply works.
happily blinking :slight_smile:


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