Problems with my Netduino Board

I have just completed my first project with Netduino. Will be posting it soon on Hackster. But I have run into a very serious and unusual problem.

It shows that my Board(N3 Ethernet) has no Debugger! Please help me. I liked this platform but had to resolve some of the issues. Expect the help within 24 hours so I can proceed with my 2nd project. I can=me across the debugger problem after I tried to ping my board through MFDeploy. I have tried many ways to solve this but I had no Luck. Please help me with this as the contest is ending soon.

Does the guidance in this thread help?


And if it does help you, please, tell us what you did, because it didn’t help me. I’m about to abandon the contest, Netduino too, because of this problem. I will finish my project with another microcontroller instead, outside the contest. The contest deadline comes too soon.