Powering Netduino3 with 13.2 volts?

Is it possible to power Netduino3 directly of a 13.2 volt power supply?
The text near power connector on netduino board says ‘7.5-12v’. is 13.2v too much?

I’d keep within the specified range. It may be possible to take the input voltage higher. If you are interested in investigating this then you can find the schematics and BOM for the boards in the hardware Git repository. For the N3:


You should be able to locate the datasheets for the parts from the BOM. This will allow you to make a judgement on the safety of doing this. Remember to check the electrical and thermal safety of doing this.

Please note that exceeding the 7.5-12V range is unsupported and not recommended.


Thanks for the info. I checked those links that you provided, and it appears you can supply up to 15v. But I don’t have expertise in this area so I don’t sure about that number.

I will probably need to get one of those step-down voltage converters, that can output 7.5-12v