On the hunt for some Minis

I’m looking for a source of Netduino Minis (… I know old-school…) but I need 10-20 of these to extend the life of an existing product while we re-design it. I’ve visited all the usual places. Any suggestions? Anyone have a few to sell?


Hi. Thanks for your suggestion. I had contacted Gravitech and the have no stock … despite showing some on their site. Frustrating.

Have you considered having them made? If you’re interested, I can put you in touch with the folks that do the current line up of netduinos.

Hey Bryan, that might be an option. Only looking for 20 so that may/may not work. Appreciate an intro. Regards

DM me, and I’ll get you info.

Here we are just over a year regarding the last one here. Was this issue resolved? Especially since I did some decidedly amazing things on the one I started with. And of course with the regular form factor N1 who took over for it.
How could I arrange for, say, four of them to be made available?

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