Nokia 5110 lcd with SPI

Is there someone who connected a Nokia 5110 lcd to a Netduino?
It has SPI, no MISO pin, but a Command/Data pin instead.

Looking at the description on the Adafruit web site I would connect MISO to the DIN pin.

I’ve not used one of these before but from my experience working with other LCDs, I would guess that the Data / Command pin is used to switch between sending data to the display and sending a command to the display.

Hope this helps,

These was a wiki for Netduino and the Nokia 5110 lcd, does somebody know where it’s been gone after the migration from secret labs to wildernesslabs ?

The Wiki was unfortunately lost a while ago, it was a fantastic resource and sorry that it has been lost.

If you are looking for some code then there is some on the Nokia 5110 display on the old forums.


@Wilco_de_Jong - let us know if you hit any roadblocks. I just ordered a couple of 3310 displays, I’ll try and find some time to test/modify the 5110 driver code over the next couple of weeks.