Newly installed VS2015 on Windows 7SP1 and it works

Well everything works. I selected VS2015 in an DVD image, that I unpacked using Winzip. This is on a Dell Latitude Laptop from about six or seven years ago who was supposed to run Windows SevenSP1 normally. I normally install my development tools from the executables who then download the bunches of packages needed to, ah, install the entire kit. Naturally Microsoft has since caused the usual blunder and turned off those servers for both VS2013 that way and VS2015 also. So on a long shot I decided to try the DVD image. It worked so off I went to try the penultimate example, that of “Blinky”. Next steps will be to try and build and try out my usuals for the devices I use. Please note this build job isn’t running on my normal laptop who runs Windows 10 that one will be involved in running a different programming language IDE, and with the target connected to something the N3 is running.
Gregg Drwho8

Something I’ve just remembered, VS2017 still does not work. The package needed to tell the IDE about MF programs calls it something else, and causes great confusion.

And a follow up message. I might have gotten this copy of VS2015 running on my Windows 7SP1 platform for backup purposes. But now things work so far on this Windows 11 platform with the same settings. And a different N3 blinking at me.