New & Changed in Netduino SDK V5?

Hi All,

Just wondering what is new &/or changed in the Netduino SDK version 5 in comparison to the old one (version 4.3.2, which dates back to May 2015). The version 5 SDK is listed on the Wilderness Labs downloads page here:

Wilderness Labs Downloads Page

I have looked around but haven’t come across any documentation / release notes.

When I install the version 5 SDK, I find that it announces itself as version 4.3.2 (May 2015).


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So I did a file compare of the Netduino SDK (“netduinosdk.exe”) published back in 2015 on the website to the Netduino SDK V5 (“netduinosdk_v5.exe”) published here.

C:\tmp>fc /b netduinosdk.exe netduinosdk_v5.exe
Comparing files netduinosdk.exe and NETDUINOSDK_V5.EXE
FC: no differences encountered

It’s the same file. And, as mentioned in original post, the enclosed version is 4.3.2.

I’m not actually sure why it got renamed V5.

In any case, it is the same. Though there is an actual v5 in the works.

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