Netmftoolbox SMTP_Client

Hey guys,

So I was researching how to send an email from the Netduino, and came across the netmftoolbox, which is supposed to allow it to be able to do this. I tried the code below, but it is not working. I am getting an error when trying to initialize the Sender. Has anyone worked with this before? Or can anyone help with this?

// Defines the sender
SMTP_Client.MailContact From = new SMTP_Client.MailContact("netduino@localhost", "Netduino");
// Defines the receiver
SMTP_Client.MailContact Receiver = new SMTP_Client.MailContact("my_email", "My Name");
// Defines the mail message
SMTP_Client.MailMessage Message = new SMTP_Client.MailMessage("Small test result");
Message.Body = "This mail is sent by a Netduino :-)\r\n";
Message.Body += "Good day!";

// Initializes the mail sender class
SMTP_Client Sender = new SMTP_Client("");

// Sends the mail
Sender.Send(Message, From, Receiver);

Below is a post I made a few years ago. I hope it will help.