Netduino vs Arduino , what 's the difference on behalf of hardware and programming

Hi this is Gulshan Negi
I am a newbie here. Well, I am a Computer Science Engineer and a Software Developer. Nowadays I am learning about Netduino and Arduino where both are open-source hardware platforms that are commonly used for building DIY electronics projects. But I am excited to know what the difference is between both of them on behalf of hardware and programming.

An excellent question. As I understood it from the earlier company, the big differences were that the processors on the boards came from the same maker, Atmel, now part of Microchip. But that was the only similar thing. The next was that the program code they ran was also different, an Arduino ran sketches containing Processing and C Plu-Plus ideas in it. And as the sketch grew in complexity it grew in the difficulty of understanding it,. By contrast the original Netduino ran code from the Microsoft Dot-Net sets, of which they are CSharp and Visual Basic, providing of course that the device is wearing up to date firmeare. Program code from both languages is easier to follow and is more direct in function. For one written in CSharp it takes fewer lines to the same thing for one of the others written in the coding standard of Sketches,.

I have used both but prefer the Netduino because it is definitely easier to program.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback on this.