Netduino unavailable shipping to Italy

Happy for the relaese of netduino, that allow me programming in (with framework 4.2) neverthless i cannot find sellers providing shipping to Italy in less than 2 months.
At this point i’d rather prefer to wait for new more performant nedtduino version, unless someone in the while can conseil me a seller nearer to Italy.
Contact me at mail address.
Thanks, bye.

Looks like Mouser has them available on their mouser europe site.

Thank you very much. Do you know from where they ship? it seems the shipping takes
a couple of moths to Italy.

That’s strange. Did the website say two months? That seems like a really long time. :frowning:

No, i did’not find anything in Mouser website about shipping time. I asked for the average time to some people that bought Netduino from Italy, i don’t know from wich website.
Honestly i think most of time is the time the distributors wait to have enough orders before proceeding with the request and after sending to Italy, after, i figure out that italian frontier police controls of material take other time.

To be clear and honest, effectively i have no idea about how much time shipping from Mouser site takes.

If Mouser’d communicate the average time or the previewed time it’d be very useful.

i also searched for Netduino on amazon, does not ship Netduino in Italy, for the moment.
Amazon. fr could be a solution, ships in France (10 km from my home)
but the price instead of 50 USD is 150 Euros!!!

Thanks, bryancostanich.
Finally i foollowed your conseil, ordered netduino plus 2 from and they took 5 days for shipping.

Very very good.

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Chiesa, Have you considered becoming a Netduino distributor in Italy?

oh, that would be GREAT. How? Can i send you my private email address to receive more info?

Chiesa, A primary question for this would be the availability of Netduino boards in large quantities at wholesale prices to make this worthwhile. You could use as your sales portal. That would solve all the billing and other business related issues. Using would allow you to take orders and ship from your home. Again, this would work only if you could purchase boards in sufficient quantities at wholesale price. I suspect that it also means that you would need to pay for the boards up front, store them at your location, then ship as each order was received.


Up front and full price? Mmh, hard.
Thanks Mike. Actually i’d think to sell thru Amazon, having myself a peculiar little advantage
in shipping time relatively to other potential distributors.
But your advice is not good for a wholesaler/distributor that’d spend same money as an
usual client (same prices) that is not praticable by a wholesaler (product full price +
shipping prices + taxes) unless the wholesaler charge the plus on the final price,
making netduino too expensive related to the concurrent products.

I hope you understand, my english is poor.