Netduino References on Wikipedia

Netduino does not appear to have as much mention or presence on Wikipedia compared to other single board computers. Has anyone considered updating Wikipedia to include Netduino? Might be a good way to promote it and garner more interest and activity in the community.

Wow, not a single mention! Netduino has an entry on its own page, but it’s a pretty lackluster addition.

Interested in adding it to the single board page, and/or upgrading the Netduino page? We could use all the hands we can get on this stuff!

Sadly, the Netduino 3 hardware wasn’t even on that page until I added it last weekend. I tried to line it up with the existing content, but it could really use a full rewrite.

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I’m really glad you folks replied. I’m planning to add Netduino to the single board computer Wiki page. However, I wanted to get some feedback from this community before unilaterally taking this action. I’m putting together a spreadsheet of all the equivalent specs that are listed on that page. I am having a bit of difficulty finding some of the specs. Is there a place here in this community to post what I have so far? Others can check the accuracy or add more info before it gets posted to Wikipedia.

I really believe that Netduino is an undiscovered gem with a lot of potential, especially for programmers and hobbyists who have little experience with embedded systems but want/need an easy and familiar platform to get involved with IoT projects and tech.

I would suggest creating a google spreadsheet and sharing it with commenting turned on.

Google Docs spreadsheet at:

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Updated Wikipedia entries:


Very cool, thanks for that!

I’ve updated the Netduino Wikipedia page to reflect the latest hardware and development info:

BTW: Do we want to keep the Agent stuff on this wiki page?

Thanks for the update to looks great!

I think the Agent Watch should be on a secret labs page, but one doesn’t exist. In any case, it shouldn’t be on the Netduino page.

Thanks for the updates, by the way!