Netduino Plus web service connection (Puchube)

I want to connect my Netduino Plus to Pachube web service but apparently it’s website ( ) has changed and I couldn’t find the new one.
Can any one help me with it?
Thanks in advance.

The Pachube service was acquired several years ago by a company called LogMeIn.

They changed the name of the service to COSM. A short while later, they renamed it Xively.

The Xively service used to exist in two forms: Xively (Commercial) and Xively Personal.

In January 2018 they shutdown Xively Personal.

You should check out the blog of a fellow Netduino user/developer who goes by devMobile. He evaluated many alternatives to Xively and has published some findings.

He has posted code for interfacing with a different IoT service called Adafruit IO. His code is very clean & elegant.

I have run his code successfully on a Netduino 3 WiFi (but have issues with a Netduino 2 Plus).

I have used both Xively Personal and Adafruit IO. Adafruit IO is much more straightforward to use.
Adafruit IO can be found here: Adafruit IO

Here is a link to the particular entry on devMobile’s blog…
devMobile’s Blog - Xively Personal is being retired


I appreciate your fast and thorough response to my problem. Thank you.

There is a basic ThingSpeak class in the Netduino.Foundation library. This is still under development but it has been soak tested sending data once per minute over a period of 24 hours and it performed well. I’m confident that the code in there is final.


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Thank you for your answer.


Have a look at this blog post for sample code for a lightweight direct connection from a Netduino device

I also have projects on Hackster.IO using Netduino and other *duino devices equipped with nRF24L01 modules as clients for W10 IoT Core field gateways

Azure IoT Hubs

Currently working on a Netduino3 Wifi based AdaFruit.IO field gateway (low traffic version with battery backup & watchdog) blog post

Couple of other IoT Cloud provider clients in pipeline + LoRa versions of above just need some quality quiet time.


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I have used Xively with Netduino 2+ for a few years, but now I will try to use AdafruitIO instead.

I have been searching for sample code that shows how to send data to the server, but so far without luck.

Any hint will be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,