Netduino Plus Micro SD Question

I have a Netduino Plus and I was wondering what is the Maximum size for a Micro SD card for that model?

Thanks in advance

Netduino’s can work with SD cards with a maximum capacity of 2GB.


I’ve just come back to Netduino after an hiatus of about five years and this was an issue way back then. As I recall it’s a driver headache. I get the distinct impression that this is never going to get any effort because there really aren’t many people capable of dealing with it and they all have other things to do.

you can put just about any size SD card in there, but you can only address up to 2GB.

i’ve successfully used 16GB cards.

Why can you only address 2GB?

I seem to remember someone with a username something like Kodedaemon getting it work briefly but there was some reason it wasn’t being rolled out.

That’s a damn good question.

I always assumed it was an addressing limit by the MCU. But it seems more like a file system limit, as Fat16 maxes out at 2GB. However, I’m pretty sure NetMF also supports Fat32. I just went and did some research, and I’m baffled.

If you have any more information, we can maybe change this for our next firmware revision.

It was logged as issue 294 in 2015. The issue is still marked as open:

Someone appears to have extended support for higher capacity SD cards but the source has disappeared from the Dropbox link in the above post.

Chris noted on the forums as long time ago that not all higher capacity cards supported a consistent standard but the <=2GB cards did.