Netduino plus development

Hi there. I’m totally new to netduino plus. I’ve purchased this board and after following instructions and installing required development environments including:
Visual Studio Express 2010
Netduino SDK 32 bit or 64 bit
I get this error message:
Cannot deploy the base assembly ‘mscorlib’,or any of his satellite assemblies,to device -USB :NetduinoPlus twice. Assembly ‘mscorlib’ on the device has version 4.1.2821.0, while the program is trying to deploy version

What can I do for it?

Err: Device has version 4.1.x, program is 4.2.x

This means that your board has an older version of the .NET Microframework running on it.

You’ll need to update the firmware on the board using MFDeploy to the 4.2 firmware. You can grab the 4.2 firmware for the Netduino Plus from here

The firmware deployment tool can be found here:

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I appreciate your fast and thorough response to my problem. Thank you :slight_smile:

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I have more or less the same problem, I mean, I have Visual Studio 2010 installed and .Net Microframework 4.2. Recently I purchase tree new Netduino Plus 2 with version and my application was developed with 4.2 so when i try to deploy obtain the same message. I would like to downgrade to 4.2, its possible? I cant find application that Cris suggested on other topics.

Any help would be appreciated.


A version of the 4.2.2 firmware is available on the Secretlabs forums. This details what you would need to do to install a 4.2.2 firmware on the Netduino Plus 2.

The ST DfuSe Demonstrator 3.0.5 is available from ST. It looks like the zip file has the tester application in there as well.

Hope this helps,

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the information. I downgrade to 4.2.2 without problems following your info.

Thanks a lot.


@Fernando_Bartolome; I’ve also put the links to the legacy firmware on our downloads page, in case you need to find them in the future.

Also, you should be able to rebuild your application and target 4.3 pretty easily, if you wish.

I want to downgrade my Netduino plus 2 version to

If it is possible, please tell me the instructions and the valid link, from where do I get things easily what I need.

Please don’t show me the link which you previously given to others, that link only gives the info to upgrade the firmware not downgrade.

If possible please help me out.


It is possible to downgrade the firmware.

The “Upgrade” process is really a firmware replacement process.

The previous links should allow you to replace the 4.3 firmware with 4.2.



I have some problem, when I do connect my Netduino Plus 2 board to PC via USB cable its not showing in the MFDeploy tool.
I do select Device to USB, but in the selection box ny Netduino is not showing.

Is there any problem is comed in my device or there is any problem. Please help me out.


Is there a STM device listed in the USB devices. Can’t remember exactly how it appears.

If and STM device is listed then I would try to reinstall the drivers (I think they are in the SDK).

If it is not listed then try an alternative USB cable.


This retired dude is trying to d/l the legacy firmware to use on my original Netduino Plus modules (I have 2 of these to experiment with). The boards are currently running firmware.

The download link you provide is not working due to bad certificate…
Here’s the site the link tries to take me to:

Not sure who is… I’m still trying to get used to the switchover from the old forums. Is that the right place to get the firmware from (I should ignore the security alert?) or is there someplace else I can find what I need to update my boards? Thanks in advance.