Netduino libraries

Netduino shield libraries.
I am new to the whole arduino and netduino world. I would like to use arduino shields with netduino. I imagine that shields have associated libraries (sketches, C, C++)? I am trying to find out if there are similar libraries (C# ?) for netduino.

A number of people have created libraries over the years for their projects and luckily most people have shared their code online. Best thing to do is to search for a specific board either generally or through the Netduino forums.

A lot of the early work was saved on Codeplex so that would also be a good place to look.


The easiest way, if you can find an Arduino sketch, is to convert the code to C#. Other than that, you can do what I have done countless times before, read over the datasheet for said electronic device and create your own driver. While this is sometimes arduous it ultimately makes you a better programmer.


I made a C# Library (and a bunch of samples) for the 1Sheeld shield… just search github for 1sheeld for netduino. I keep it up-to-date with the Arduino library as time permits.

i found

but could you add some description for each sonsor which ones was used


i understand now your libraries was for this

Correct, it supports ALL of the 1Sheeld supported Shields. I have just upgraded it (literally 2 minutes ago) to v1.14 (so it is now equivalent to the the latest Arduino Library/Samples) … so if you have downloaded the code from Github, go back and get the latest updates. I started the project over 2-1/2 years ago.

You can find more information on my blog here: and here:

I also have an Twitter Feed (@ArduinoCodeDog) where I share when I update the Library/Samples.

Thank you all very much for this info. The 1Sheeld concept is particularly attractive as a platform. I’ll assume that the Android apps also run on tablets as well as phones.

Just to be clear I don’t work for 1Sheeld. I just wrote the 1Sheeld Library for Netduino.

I can, however, tell you that, yes, the 1Sheeld android app works on both Android Phones and Tablets (just as 1 would assume the 1Sheeld iPhone app would also work on iPads, but I don’t know that for sure, since I don’t have one).

The primary requirement of any device is that it supports Bluetooth (you need that to be able to make the connection between the Phone and the 1Sheeld Shield). After that, which Shields are supported within the 1Sheeld app is dependent on which Sensors are supported on the device you are running the app on.

So, for example, if your device doesn’t have a Temperature Sensor, you can’t use the 1Sheeld Temperature Sensor within the 1Sheeld app. Shields like Twitter, Facebook, internet, etc just requires internet access on the device … which anything that can run the app would very likely have.