Netduino compatibility with I2C smbus for Industrial project

Hey I need to know about compatibility of Netduino 3 with I2C devices How can we install I2C smbus in Netduino ? This Development board is new to me and I wanted to use this board in industrial monitoring system using AD converters

It has I2C support built in. See the docs on it here.

Hi…I have a problem .I have EPC V3 R5C and it has LPC11C24F .I have burnt the mcu with 30 volt supply voltage after I changed it. But it dosnt work .I’ve loaded the hex file to the new mcu via Flashmagic .It doesnt seem any problem with program but the mcu doesnt work .Can anyone help or has any experience about this issue.

board assembly

This forum is for the support of the Netduino family of boards. I think that this question needs to be addressed to the NXP community.