Netduino 4 Wishlist

Hey folks, we’ve been working on vNext of the Netduino hardware, and as we enter the home stretch, I’d love to hear your wish lists for vNext hardware. Tell me what you’d like to see, and why you want it (so that we can get creative in solving requirements).

H7 based boards with remote update ability.

  • More GPIO - Don’t think needs explaining
  • Hardware watchdog - Nice to have the board reset automatically if you application locks.
  • Over the air update as noted. Makes updating remote devices easier. Maybe this is more of a software rather than hardware request though.



I think it would be interesting to use the Adafruit Feather profile and pin out to take advantage of the shields that have been developed.
The microprocessor is 48 pins like the STM32F411CEU6.

I think Justin’s commit about having a remote update would be great! Nevyn’s watchdog would also be a nice feature. .

SODIMM slot - more RAM. There are so many old laptops hanging around, why not use there memory
Some keyboard input & Basic TV Output - out of box visual output (could be just text with pseudo graphics) - will be great to see some diagnostics, settings, plus apps could display logs, interact with user, etc.
Basic Sound Output - some audio notifications (no need to be high quality)

I know shields exists, but if some of this could be integrated why not? I don’t mind having the board longer in order to get that packed on it.

I think the update in an easier way would be a big step forward, also the watchdog that Nevin proposes

Hardware watchdog as Nevyn already mentioned
CAN support or RS485 support
Support for micro SD cards with more than 2Gb (2Gb is harder to get and more expensive than bigger ones)
Remote update

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