Netduino 3 Wifi unreliable network connection

Hi everyone,
My Netdino 3 Wifi is not reliable. I can ping it, and run the installed sprinkler controller app for a couple days perfectly. Then I come back and try to access it the next day and I cannot even ping it. MFDeploy config is good and the WiFi signal is strong. Even when I am within 2 feet of the Netdino with my laptop, I cannot ping it.

I am trying to show my students the many benefits of this board over Arduino but when it is so unreliable, it is a hard sell. I have tried 3 other brand new boards with no success. Both Netduino and laptop are on the same SSID and the laptop has good internet access.

Also, I cannot ping the Netduino from MFDeploy using TCP/ip.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


Sorry to hear that you are having problems, let see if we can work out what is happening.

Some things to consider:

  • Are you confident that the application is running? I normally blink the on board LED a few times when I take a reading. This tells me that the application is still active.
  • Is the network light on the Netduino showing any network activity at all?
  • Can you power the Netduino through the barrel connector and then connect the Netduino to a laptop using USB. Next connect MFDeploy to the application. This may give an error message in the MFDeploy window. Don’t forget to connect MFDeploy to the Netduino (Connect is in the File menu).

If the network connection is good and the laptop and the Netduino are both connected to your router then the distance between the laptop and the Netduino should not matter. All WiFi communication will be going through the router.


Thanks for the ideas. Yes the led shows connection and I always power through the barrel connector but I will try that sequence again. I will connect MFDeploy to the app and get back to you.


OK Nevyn,

I rebuilt the app in VS 2015, and made sure the network config was OK (which it was) and now I can ping it and access it with my desktop app and control my sprinklers again!!! I suspect my development PC might have the wrong/old SDk, etc even though I updated it several time.

Tried it on a different PC today and all seems to be OK.

Thanks again!!!

Good to hear that you are up and running again.

Have you written up your project anywhere online? It would be great to see what you have achieved.


I have my Bluetooth garage door opener up on Hackster

I think this project would be a good one for people to learn from also. Thanks for the idea/motivation!