Netduino 3 going obsolete

Last week I ordered a Netduino 3 through one of the distributors. They cancel the order because they said the Netduino 3 was discontinued. Currently I have a Netduino 3 WIFI, I wanted a simpler board to continue my learning. Would the whole family of Netduino 3 go obsolete in the new future? Whant are Wilderness Labs plans, should I continue my research with Netduino 3 WIFI or Eternet? Thank you.

Wouldn’t the Netduino 3 Ethernet be simple enough? It looks heavier than the wifi model, because of the Ethernet socket, but I guess the inner logic is simpler. My guess is that it’s just useless to keep up three models. Without Ethernet and Wifi, the board would be a Duino, right? Sure the Net refers to .NET, but I guess it’s the SD card and the internet routines that benefit the most from the C# and .NET stuff.


I got your point, thank you.

Absolutely - we’re seeing most users building connected solutions these days so there’s less demand for the vanilla Netduino 3. I do have a soft-spot for it’s simplicity but I find as soon as I finish building something I think “hmmm …. maybe I’ll add Maple next” :slight_smile:

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And a couple of other things to mention:

The prices on the Netduino 3 Ethernet and WiFi have just come down and the Netduino 2 is still available if you’re looking for a lower cost device.


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Hi Adrian,
Thanks for your response. I am pleased with either of the Netduino models. What shield would you recommend for Bluetooth communication? My project download raw binary data from a GPS module and would like to send immediately to a Laptop or PC using Bluetooth signal.
Thank you.

I’ve been using the Redbear BLE Mini but I’ve also had good luck with the Grove BLE module

Thank you so much.


On it says this about the Netduino 3 cards:
End of Life: Scheduled for obsolescence and will be discontinued by the manufacturer.

What are the plans for the future?