Netduino 3 Ether Window 10 Driver

After failing to have success with my new board on MacOS, I took a break and moved to Windows 10. I thought I had everything properly installed after a few days (finally). BUT: Device Manager shows the Netduino 3 is detected and reports no driver can be found.

I used the updater process and that appeared to complete successfully. I followed the Getting Started steps for Windows on the site. The first link for VS 2015 took me to VS 2017 Community, which I installed but I ran into a dead end. I finally learned that VS 2017 is not supported yet, and found the VS 2015 Community (thanks to a post I found by Nevyn) and installed that after cleaning up as much old installed junk as possible. In summary, these are the steps I believe I took:

Installed VS Community 2015
Installed Microsoft .NET MicroFramework SDK 4.3.2-QFE2 (from the link at Wilderness Labs)
Installed .NETMF Plugin for VS 2015 Studio 2015 (from the link at Wilderness Labs)
Installed Netduino SDK v4.3.2 (May 2015) (from the link at Wilderness Labs)
Installed and ran the Netduino Updater (from the link at Wilderness Labs)

I created the Blinky project by following the Getting Started instructions, and targeted the .NET MicroFramework v4.3. I added the Netduino.Foundation extension per information from Jorge while trying to get it going on MacOS. The project builds error free.

When I go to the Deployment Transport and select USB nothing is found, surely because Device Manager has not found a driver?

I have read that the Netduino SDK should have instaledl the driver.

I feel like I am very close, and hope there is something trivial I have missed that someone will immediately recognize.

I would much rather work on MacOS, but it would be nice if I can at least get the LED blinky demo to run on Windows 10 to develop some confidence, and if I never succeed on the Mac Mini, at least I will be able to work on Windows.



p.s. Is there an option on this forum to have an email sent when a reply is provided in a topic?

I follow instructions available in
to install USB driver. After a long exercise removing security protections it was possible to deploy applications. At the end USB was not working properly with other applications and it was not possible to recover. I need to reinstall Windows 10 loosing several programs already installed. For me Netduino was a bad investment.