Netduino+2 with Visual Studio 2010

Hi community,

I would like to khow if its possible develop programs for Netduino Plus 2 with .Net MicroFramework 4.3 using Visal Basic from Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate.

I´m developing with it but using .Net MicroFramework 4.2 so every time I purchase one N+2 I downgrade to 4.2.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance and best regards.


From the old forums:

Pre-requisites for this firmware
1. Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2013. Or Visual Studio 2015 (beta).
2. .NET Micro Framework SDK v4.3 QFE2 or newer
3. NETMF plug-in for Visual Studio 2012, NETMF plug-in for Visual Studio 2013 or NETMF plug-in for Visual Studio 2015 (beta).
4. Netduino SDK v4.3.2.1 or newer

Looks like you need VS2012 or above.


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Thanks for your quick answer Mark


I have installed all the application for netduino board but in the visual studio c# templates the netduino application is not showing

but i installed what i all need

  1. vs c# express
  2. .net micro frame work 4.2
  3. netduino sdk 4.2

please help me to get out from this problem to start my first project on this

I’ve seen tis before:

I think I solved it by looking for the location of the templates (I have the Projects directory set to a location other than the standard installation location). I just copied the templates from the installation location to my Projects directory.

Other people solved this by reinstalling the Microframework.


Error 1 Program ‘C:\Users\rudra.u\AppData\Local\Temporary Projects\NetduinoApplication1\obj\Debug\NetduinoApplication1.exe’ does not contain a static ‘Main’ method suitable for an entry point NetduinoApplication1

please suggest me what to do with this error

The error message suggests that you do not have a Main method. The prototype is:

public static void Main()
    // Your main program loop goes here.

Was this not generated when you created the application?