Netduino 2 plus pins pullup pulldown on reset

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It seems that Netduino+ has pins pulldown on reset and Netduino2+ has them up. I have problems with the RS232 shield from LinkSprite with Netduino2+ but not with Netduino+ because of that.

Is there any way to setup if pins are pulledup or down on reset?

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Well, the only way I know is by setting the pull-up/down at the start of your program.
Or perhaps by changing this in the netduino firmware as new defaults.
Easier is to use external pull-up/down resistors if you really need it I guess

Hi Wootah,

Thanks for your answer.

I suppose do you mean define pins like outputs and setup the initial status to true or false… It is?

I thought it was the other way round, the N+ had pull-ups and the N2+ range had pull-downs. I remember the change because people found that with the N+, robots would startup for a short time following reset until their application started and the applicaiton turned the motors off.

I’ve just fired up the N2+ and hooked up the scope and D10 is certainly showing 0V even during a reboot.