Netduino 2 availability

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I’m working in a new company and there is an old project done with the Netduino 2 hardware. This product I see is discontinued. Can anybody be so gentle as to indicate to me where is possible to buy a few pieces? I cannot find it also on eBay.

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I had several Netduinos such as the 1, 2, GO, Mini and 3. I have found the Meadow to so far be a better product. I have been migrating some old projects over and have yet to find any issues that couldn’t be resolved. Meadow can make use of full .Net framework as opposed to the micro framework. In addition to the framework there is also more memory, a faster controller and a coprocessor in addition to other features for less money and a smaller form factor (Feather) than I have been able to find old N2’s for. I saw some Netduinos on Mouser a few months back but haven’t seen them recently.

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It is possible that there is some stock remaining so if N2 is a definite requirement then try to contact to see if they can help.

There is also a Meadow to Meadow -> Netduino adapter if Meadow will suffice and the Netduino form factor is a requirement.


Thank you very much for your tips! If I cannot find a 1 to 1 replacement I will probably use the Meadow as you suggest.
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Thanks for your fast reply Mark, I will try to contact sales to see if they can help before switching to the Meadow.
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Meadow will be your best prospect for long term support. You will have to move the code from the Microframework to the full framework but once that is done you will be on a modern platform with the full capabilities of .NET available to you.